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Huungree RPG


RAISE AN ARMY - FIGHT EPIC BATTLES-Hours of RPG gameplay with several quests, monsters and spells-Command an army of warriors and fantasy creatures.-Buy units at the shops with the gold and treasures you find.
-Explore the continent of Tamaca, find treasures and magical artifacts.-Turn-based retro RPG battle system.-Tactic turn-based battles where strategy is the only thing that will keep you alive.
Two empires dispute the new continent of Tamaca. The Nothul Empire and their heavy troops occupy the north. The Republic of Ingeber and their privateers went inland and took over the Mystical Cities.
You play the role of Jakkal, aspiring privateer from Ingeber. You've just arrived to Crab Bay to join your older brother Jekkel, a seasoned privateer who is in the Mystical City of Crisal, far inland in Tamaca.